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I had a bit of Christmas money I'd been saving, so I decided to treat myself to some nice tea. Browsing through Adagio's shop for cherry flavoured teas, I happened to come across Saiyuki themed tea blends in their Fandom Blends catalogue. It was like accidentally meeting a good friend in the most unexpected of places, so I couldn't resist ordering the blend entitled Cherry-chan.

My order arrived yesterday. So I asked my dear little Sanzo and Goku fairies (hand-made and given to me years ago now by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] befanini) to model for me. San-chan was less than enthusiastic, but Goku dragged him along since free tea was involved. Pics inside the cut!

To accompany the Cherry-chan tea, I also ordered some tasty Golden Monkey black tea.

The Cherry-chan tea is a blend of Lapsang Souchong and a fruity herbal tea blend called Dewy Cherry. I can see why the blend creator chose the Lapsang Souchong for Sanzo, since it's a very smoky tea, but I don't think its the best choice for a blend. It's so unique and flavourful on its own, it overpowers the taste of the cherries. I still enjoyed it, though.

Sanzo protests the indignity of this tea. (He blames Gojyo!)

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