Date: 2016-06-28 08:13 pm (UTC)
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I really truly hope it's some kind of good news... Maybe it was just the mood I was in when I read it, but the scan/translation of the recent Blast chapter Jedishampoo posted a few days ago left me with this uneasy feeling that we were being prepared for the final act. I know obviously the series has to come to an end eventually, but I'd hate to see it go out with a whimper instead of a bang. I guess I just need to trust Sensei: she's never disappointed before, and I know she feels a great love and loyalty for both her fans and the amazing characters she's created.

I suppose one of the reasons I fret about it is probably because I know how trying it is to live with chronic illness - knowing how my issues impact my life (and how little I manage to get done!) it has totally amazed me how productive she actually has been while dealing with her cancer and all the complications afterwards. I can totally see how she could get to a point where she would decide she needed to get out from under the pressure of being a manga-ka. But hopefully the pleasure she gets from her creative work will continue to make it a worthwhile pursuit for her for many years to come. I really hate to think of life without Saiyuki in some form, or at least some tales from the mind & pen of Kazuya Minekura!

Date: 2016-06-29 07:42 am (UTC)
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I am tentatively excited *fingers crossed*


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