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This anime series is so good. The characters, the relationships, the story, the art, the music, the voice acting, the sound. Everything is so well put together.

And I can't help but think that Kikuhiko and Sukeroku (screenshots behind the cut) remind me of Hakkai and Gojyo. It doesn't hurt that they're voiced by Ishida Akira and Yamadera Kouichi. (And I can see why Hirata Hiroaki was chosen to replace Yamadera for the role of Gojyo, as they do sound quite similar at times.)

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Date: 2016-03-15 09:10 am (UTC)
helliongoddess: Why am I out of bed? (Why am I out of bed?)
From: [personal profile] helliongoddess
Yes! I've not quite finished the entire series yet : since it was SO good, and only ten episodes, I've resisted my usual impulse to binge-watch any new series I enjoy this much, because I clearly know already ten episodes is going to leave me wishing for many, many more.

I wasn't aware of Rakugo as an art form and tradition, so that's made it doubly intriguing for me, as it's a window into an aspect of Japanese culture that's completely new to me. And even though I'm sure there's probably some subtleties - especially speaking so little Japanese & watching it subbed - I still feel like I've learned a lot about Rakugo. But even leaving all that aside, like you said, everything else about it it is just so well-done, it's simply a real joy to watch. I hope it ends up getting extended into further episodes, but even if it doesn't , I'm sure I'll rewatch this series a couple of times.

I've really come to treasure the rare series like this that is of the "slice of life" genre, with a somewhat more mature viewpoint and subject matter. Being nearly *coff* 60 *coff*, it's a pleasure to watch or read a series occasionally where the characters aren't all in high school uniforms, and the main plot of each episode can't be reduced to "who's fighting whom this week?" Don't get me wrong- I still read/watch my share of that genre, for pure escapism if nothing else, but finding the occasional one like Shouwa Rakugo is a real treat! Thanks for mentioning it! It deserves the good press, and I'm sure anyone who watches it due to your rec will thank you!

Date: 2016-03-16 03:38 am (UTC)
helliongoddess: No, I'm not antisocial.... (I'm not antisocial....)
From: [personal profile] helliongoddess
Wow, we really do have similar tastes! I've not quite finished House of Five Leaves - since each episode is its own little tale, I've been taking that one a bit at a time while I watch/read others, but I like it very much! And I've seen all the Space Brothers anime almost twice, and just caught up on the last several chapters of the manga yesterday! I get a kick out of sweet clueless Mutta, and I've always been a space geek (my dad was an aeronautical engineer) so it's a nice fit for me.

You've probably already found them, but there are a few other series I've gotten very fond of that you might like if you haven't found them. One special favorite is Natsume Yuujjin-cho (Natsume's Book of Friends, since I don't trust my Japanese spelling!) Another is Sakamichi no Apollon - The Kids on the Hill - intriguing to me especially because it's set close to the time period when I was growing up, and centers around jazz music, which is another gift my dad gave me (well, music in general, but jazz was his favorite.) I could go on & on (I don't have nearly enough anime chat anymore since LJ has gone so silent!) but I'll just mention two that have made strong impressions on me. One was Bunny Drop (Usagi Drop) - it's sweet without being treacly, and the main character is a wonderful 30-ish man. I havent read it all the way to the end (the manga goes far beyond the anime) because I caught wind of where they were going with it, and had ambivalent feelings about it. Someday I'll read it all, just to see! The last one is all teenagers and set in a high school, but it's centered around musically gifted students and their competitions, and has a very light touch of both romance and magic that - again - I found touching and sweet but never cloyingly so. The first part of the anime is La Corda D'Oro: Primo Passo. I won't spoiler you as to why, but I will say the series inspired me to actually get a violin and begin trying to teach myself - an idea which I have yet to decide as to whether it was noble or foolish. I suspect a little of both. At any rate it got put on hold last June for major shoulder surgery - it's time for me to get back to it, before I forget what little I had learned, and before the doctor hauls me in to hack on the other shoulder (the worse of the two.) Herniated neck discs don't help,either! 😜

At any rate hope you find something of interest in one or two of those. And anytime you have any recommendations, I'll always be happy to hear them! In fact, I'll msg you my email - I think the only time you might have had mine was back in RP days, and I've switched since then.

Date: 2016-03-17 02:32 am (UTC)
kirathaune: (39-Heart)
From: [personal profile] kirathaune
Sounds neat! It's on crunchyroll, so I'll have to check it out!

Date: 2016-03-18 12:54 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kirathaune

Added it to my queue! ^_^


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